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A word about lotions:

There are significant benefits to using indoor tanning products that contain key ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tyrosine, Vitamins, oils, Extracts, and Minerals. These ingredients can increase the intensity and effectiveness of your tanning time through magnification, hydration, and skin conditioning.

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Tan Factor is very strict on the lotions that are used while tanning on our beds. Even if the label says it is for indoor tanning. Non-Salon quality lotions can contain ingredients that erode the acrylic surface of the tanning equipment by creating tiny fissures. These fissures diffuse the light of the UV elements and the result is longer tanning sessions, higher costs for replacement acrylics and ultimately these costs are passed down to our clients.

Tan Factor prefers to keep clean, high quality, and efficient equipment for our customers. We also want to point out that inferior “so called” lotions can be bad for your skin. Tan Factor carries a supply of quality lotions (pictured on the right) that are available in our salon. Keep in mind that as tanning formulas change, so may our product selections.

Below, learn more about these products can benefit your tanning experience!

  • Tan-In-A-Can:

    Tan-In-A-Can is what we call a perfect solution for those who want to keep up on the color on their face without having your face exposed to UV rays. Once you try Tahitian Tan Mist, you will love how quickly this non-sticky formula dries without streaking,  giving you a beautiful, natural looking glow.

tan in a can spray mist, tan factor salon, grants pass
  • Custom Airbrush Tanning:

    UV Free Custom Airbrush Tanning from one of our South Seas product line is our choice for all spray tanning. The Mahogany color guide offers an immediate beach beautiful color. It's fast drying, cucumber scent, and paraben free.


    For an appointment contact us here:

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  • Tanning Lotions:

    Using correct type lotions with our salon approved products can increase the intensity and effectiveness of your tanning time through magnification, hydration, and skin conditioning. It takes 2–5 days for a tan to develop and it is important to continue with hydrating and tan extending products between your tanning sessions.

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